Brazilian Brides Prices: How Much Will You Pay?
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Brazilian Brides Prices: How Much Will You Pay?

Men who are looking for Brazilian soulmates always wonder about the average Brazilian brides prices. And that’s not surprising because for many, this fact becomes decisive when it comes to the option they’re going to choose. The most popular alternatives for finding Brazilian brides are offline and online.

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As for the first option, offline, it implies that you travel to Brazil to stay there for a certain period, like two weeks. When in the country, you visit various places, including restaurants, bars, and clubs, aiming to meet a single brazilian woman who matches your expectations and has the same goals.  

This option is sought-after among Western men who have enough time to go abroad and their business won’t be harmed in case they won’t be at work for a while. However, mailorder brides Brazil price, in this case, is relatively high because traveling is more expensive than communicating via the Internet.  

Speaking of the second alternative, namely meeting Brazilian women online, it’s getting more and more popular nowadays because it offers an extensive number of opportunities. When chatting with girls via specialized websites, the Brazilian mail order brides cost will be lower than in the first case because you don’t have to pay for tickets and accommodations. 

Also, it’s more convenient because you can stay at home, go to the office, or even to the gym and still communicate with your girl because you can easily access these platforms both from a laptop and a smartphone. 

Although both these options are popular among Western men, communicating with brides online has more advantages, making guys prefer it over the traditional approach to meeting and dating women. 

Therefore, finding Brazilian brides online is more affordable and effective, so let’s take a closer look at this option. 

Brazilian mail order brides cost: what to take into account?

Although there’s no exact Brazilian mail order bride price, we can still review the factors affecting it. These often include the place from which you’re coming, the number of communication services you’ll be using, the frequency of your offline dates and where they’ll take place, and other elements. These are some of the most important factors influencing the Brazil brides cost:

Dating website costs

There’s an impressive amount of dating platforms. You can choose the most suitable one that offers an abundance of communication tools, high-quality profiles and has positive reviews from other users. You can use the offered services for a reasonable price, which usually varies between $100–$300 per month. Such websites usually require credits for using the provided services. You can purchase credit packs and then use them to pay for certain services.  

The final Brazil mail order bride price will depend on how long and how often you’ll use these services. For example, when communicating with Brazilian girls online for around 6 months, you’ll pay approximately $600–$1,800.

Gifts and wooing

This includes the expenses you’ll spend to court your Brazilian woman and get her attention. The price differs for each man because you’re the one to choose in which way you prefer to court a lady. For some, it’s about the gifts, while others prefer spending more time in video chats.

When it comes to presents, many dating websites offer using their delivery services to send a nice gift to your lover. Brazilian brides prices will depend on the present you choose because you can opt for anything, including teddy bears, clothes, perfumes, accessories, or bags. You can also purchase the gift yourself, ask your bride to give you her address, and send it yourself. 

Also, flowers are popular among ladies because it’s an easy and less expensive way to make your soulmate smile. You can wonder which flowers she prefers and send her a gorgeous bouquet. 

Usually, wooing adds around $50–$1,500 to the final Brazilian mail order bride price because some guys send flowers once in a while, and others send costly gifts every month. 

Travel expenses 

One of the most costly factors affecting the mailorder brides Brazil price is traveling. As soon as you’re ready to meet your Brazilian girl in person, you should take into account the following expenditures:

  • Plane tickets. Since Brazil isn’t too far from the US, you’ll pay around $600–$800 for a round trip. However, the price might differ depending on your city of departure, class, and the day when you purchase tickets. 
  • Accommodation. A comfortable room at an average hotel for two weeks will cost you around $440. However, the more luxurious the hotel, the more you’ll have to pay for your stay in it. 
  • Food. There are various places where you can eat in Brazil, and if you opt for the restaurants and cafés preferred by locals, you won’t spend too much, around $210 per two weeks. But if you want to take your lover to a fancy place, the number will rise. 
  • Activities. The price for different activities for two people is around $310. 

As you can see, the travel expenses add around $1,660 to the Brazil brides cost. 


In case your relationships are serious and you’re ready to take your girl to the US, you’ll need to pay for all the documents, including visas, embassy commissions, translation services, medical check-ups, and other documents. They’ll add approximately $200–$300 to your Brazilian mail order brides cost. 

So, what is the final Brazil mail order bride price? It varies between $4,000–$6,000. To get a specific number, you’ll need to use a mail order brides website.  

Is mailorder brides Brazil price more affordable when using MOB websites?

Although Brazilian brides prices might seem high when you look at them for the first time, they’re reasonable when you do some counting. Let’s say that the mentioned number, $4,000–$6,000, should be divided into 6 months because this is the average period men spend on communicating with Brazilian girls and taking their relationships to a new level. 

In this case, it’s around $670–$1,000 per month, including travel expenses. But these numbers might be lower in case you send fewer gifts or buy tickets on a day when they’re cheaper. 

So, Brazilian mail order brides cost is more than affordable because the price you’ll spend in a month is the average cost of a couple of offline dates. It’s more profitable, effective, and convenient to use mail order brides websites because you don’t have to worry that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on dates with a girl who doesn’t match your preferences or has contrasting goals. 

Besides, you don’t even have to leave your house to meet the girl of your dreams who’ll match all your criteria and be the soulmate who’ll share the same values, interests, and goals. As soon as you meet your Brazilian woman, you’ll understand that every cent you’ve spent on dating websites, wooing, travel expenses, and documents was worth it. 

Also, even $1,000 per month is an affordable price for meeting a woman who will always be by your side and surround you with love and care, don’t you agree? 


So, the average Brazilian brides price is around $4,000–$6,000, which is lower than the price of offline dating. See for yourself: when regularly meeting your woman, you’ll need to take her to a nice place, like a restaurant or a cinema. If we take the half-year period, the price will undoubtedly be higher than the mentioned numbers.

So, if you want to pay an affordable Brazilian mail order brides cost and meet the woman of your dreams, opt for using online mail order brides platforms.

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