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Elite-Brides.net Careers—Join Our Team!

The team of Elite-Brides is growing, and we want to find more talented enthusiasts who’d help us improve our content and website performance. If you are an editor, experienced author, or manager, look at the information below. Maybe we’re looking for you! 

Chief editor

We have 2 editors and 4 copywriters in our team, and now we’re looking for a chief editor who’ll coordinate their work, create new tasks, proofread texts, check not only errors but also facts, statistics, and arguments, and also coordinate the work of editors and authors with the work of our SEO specialists. 

Our ideal chief editor: 

  • Can carry out multiple tasks, work with authors, other editors, SEO specialists
  • Proofreads and analyzes a lot of content
  • Notices all the mistakes, errors (including logic errors), and typos
  • Knows how search engine optimization works
  • Has 2+ years of experience as a chief editor, editor or content manager 


We’re looking for an experienced copywriter who’d work in our office or remotely (full-time) and be able to create useful, comprehensive, relevant content for the site visitors interested in international dating. 

Our ideal author: 

  • Is interested in writing about international dating, believes that cross-cultural relationships can be and should be normalized, knows or is ready to learn about different countries and nations, in particular, their dating cultures
  • Can provide examples of their content (preferably already posted on other platforms)
  • Meets deadlines no matter what (of course, we understand that emergencies happen, but they shouldn’t happen too often)
  • Never offend or is rude to a reader, doesn’t encourage and promote stereotypical thinking 
  • Is ready to meet the requirements of our SEO specialists
  • Is advanced in English

Content manager

A chief editor mentors and coordinates the work of editors, chief copywriter mentors and coordinates the work of authors, and our content manager coordinates the work of the entire team. 

We’re looking for you if: 

  • Know how to use Google Sheets and Google Docs
  • You are non-confrontational and have excellent communication skills
  • Know how good content strategies are developed
  • You can remember and consider tons of information from different departments
  • Can monitor the site’s performance and find new interesting topics 
  • Have two years of experience in a similar role

Knowledge of HTML is appreciated, too. If you’re interested in this proposal, feel free to contact us.

Jacques Macejkovic
More than a decade ago, I graduated with a Journalism degree from USC. I also took a few prestigious online dating courses. They, along with my connections in the online dating world, made me the writer and consultant I am today.
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