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How To Become A Partner Of Elite-Brides.net

The team of Elite-Brides.net is looking for partners: online dating platforms, public pages, authors, dating enthusiasts, and content creators. If you are interested in cooperating with us, please read the information below carefully, and feel free to reach us by filling in this contact form

1. Cooperation with dating websites

If you are an owner or a representative of a global or a local online dating website and want to promote your services on Elite-Brides.net, we’ll be happy to work with you. However, we should also inform you of the existing terms of cooperation. 

  • When we receive an offer, we analyze the online dating website carefully. We also create an account/accounts as a user/users to test the services and learn as much as possible about how your platform works. 
  • We can post a review with a detailed analysis of your website and all the services on Elite-Brides.net, but it’ll be based on our research results. 
  • We can post banner advertising on our website. 
  • We also provide email marketing services. Elite-Brides can send emails with your advertisement (the text and other content must be coordinated with our manager) to our email subscribers, but the emails will be marked as promotional ones. 
  • We can post your content/ads on our pages on social media sites, but such posts will also be marked as promotional. 

If you agree to all the terms and want to cooperate with us, please, feel free to contact us at any time by filling in the form on the site. Please describe your offer in detail, provide the link to your website, and if you want to place banner advertising/post on social media, please send the sample or at least describe the main idea, if possible. 

2. How we cooperate with public pages 

We are also interested in promoting our website and content on the web. We are the informational site and aggregator platform that helps singles worldwide find soulmates, no matter what the distance between them is. If you have a public page that is somehow related to our topic—dating, romance, cross-cultural relationships, customs and traditions in different countries, dating cultures, etc., we’d be happy to work with you and create and post our content on your platform/page. 

Please read the articles on the site to learn more about our specialization. If you are a blogger, a representative of an online journal or magazine, mass media website, and if you are interested in cooperation with us, feel free to contact us. Please, describe what type of cooperation you are looking for and provide the link to your page/platform/website, and we’ll discuss the details. 

3. Cooperation with authors

We’re also looking for people who are as interested in international dating as much as we are. If you know a lot about dating cultures in different countries, local traditions, local people (you can see the list of countries we’re writing about on the website), ways to overcome difficulty and break the cultural barriers in international marriages, stereotypes about different nations, etc., have good writing skills and want your content to be published on our site, please, contact us, too. 

  • Note that the article/guide/review that you create must meet certain criteria.
  • The content must be based on relevant information (preferably with facts, statistics, analytics).
  • The article must be comprehensive and easy-to-read.
  • If you’re writing about your experience (we can post such articles, too, but it must be related to life and dating in one of the countries from our list), you need to prove that you’ve been living in this country for a pretty long time.
  • The content must not be offensive, rude, encouraging stereotypical thinking and interethnic discord.  

These are the main criteria. You can also contact us before you start working on your article/guide/post to discuss all the details and agree on the most important points. Note that, first and foremost, it must be useful and interesting for our site visitors. We’ll post your contact information with your photo, name, and link to your platform/site/social media accounts—we want our cooperation to be mutually beneficial, so if you are interested in it, just contact us.

Jacques Macejkovic
More than a decade ago, I graduated with a Journalism degree from USC. I also took a few prestigious online dating courses. They, along with my connections in the online dating world, made me the writer and consultant I am today.
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