How Much Is Venezuelan Brides Price?
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How Much Is Venezuelan Brides Price?

One of the critical factors of finding a foreign woman is the Venezuelan bride price because it depends on various aspects and might be higher than men expect. However, you’re the one to decide how much you’re ready to spend on your Venezuela lover, which will determine your search results. Also, you should understand that the more frequently you meet online and the bigger the number of communication services you use, the higher the final price will be.

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However, you shouldn’t worry that you’ll need to spend a fortune to find Venezuelan brides because there are many options to choose from, and you’ll surely find the one that matches your preferences and budget. Let’s do a quick recap on Venezuelan mail order brides prices and see which alternative will be more affordable and effective.

How to save money on a Venezuelan bride price?

In case you’re already aware of how to find Venezuelan brides, you understand that men usually meet their lovers offline or online. 

If you want to meet a girl, chat with her over a drink, and discuss your intentions, you might prefer real-life dating. It gives a unique experience and makes you more confident about the girl you meet because you know for sure that she’s real and her photo mentions her real appearance. However, if you opt for this variant, be ready to spend at least two weeks in Venezuela or as much as it requires to find your soulmate. Don’t forget that the prices for traveling to the country are pretty high because you’ll need to pay for tickets, accommodations, gifts, food, and other additional things. Offline dating is usually several times more expensive than online dating.

Moving to the opportunity to buy Venezuelan mail order bride, it’s more affordable, and you can surely save money if you opt for it. The thing is that online communication is equally effective as offline. However, you won’t have to spend large sums on traveling and visiting fancy places every week because all your conversations and dates will be held via various communication tools offered by the mail order brides website. Nevertheless, as soon as your relationships become more serious and you’ll be sure you want to meet your Venezuelan soulmate, you’ll have such an opportunity. 

Venezuelan mail order brides prices are several times lower when your communication is online. So if you want to save some money to spend it on something else, like making documents for your lover to come to your country, make sure you opt for the online option.     

Buy Venezuelan Bride

How much are Venezuela brides?

Since there is an abundance of single Venezuelan women online, the websites offer reasonable prices because, in this way, they’ll be able to attract more men who can find their lovers online. As we have mentioned above, various factors are affecting the average Venezuelan bride price, so let’s take a more detailed look at them:

Site services

There are many websites, and they all have different pricing policies, and some of them are free. However, using free dating websites isn’t the best choice because they rarely provide high-quality females’ profiles, and their levels of security are too low. Most often, mail order brides platforms are fee-based, and to use communication services, you’ll have to pay for them with credits, which you buy in advance. 

There are various sizes of credit packs, and you can buy a big one at once, not to worry that you’ll lack credits at the most inconvenient moment. Surely, some guys opt for free platforms, but you get what you pay for, right? Besides, when it comes to finding a Venezuelan woman with whom you’ll spend your life, it’s better to invest more money in this process to avoid regretting anything in the future. 

Usually, mail order brides websites cost around $100–$400 per month. 

Gifts and wooing

This is one of the most complicated points because it mainly comes down to your preferences and the wishes of a Venezuelan girl. Some men spend $50 and think that’s enough, while others are ready to buy gifts that cost over $1,000 and send them several times over a month. 

Besides, there are women of high maintenance, and if your lover is one of them, you’ll be expected to spend significant sums of money to buy her gifts. Some of the most popular presents are stuffed animals, perfumes, jewelry, and bags. However, you can buy anything you like or something you know your woman adores. 

Also, you should remember that no gift is bad because your attention is the most valuable element in this process. So, your woman might like a thoughtful present that doesn’t cost a lot but makes her heart warmer rather than a super expensive item that won’t make her eyes sparkle. 

So, you should understand what your wooing Venezuelan bride cost is and buy gifts according to it. On average, men spend around $50–$2,000. 

Offline dates

As soon as you and your partner understand that it’s time to meet offline and you’ve decided that you want to buy Venezuelan mail order bride, you should get ready for traveling. These expenses include:

  • Visa. To get a visa to Venezuela, you’ll need to pay around $30. 
  • Plane tickets. The average price for round-trip tickets is approximately $900–$1,500. However, it might be higher or lower depending on the class and date of the tickets’ purchase. 
  • Accommodations. To stay in a nice hotel in a comfortable room for 14 days, you’ll need to pay $980.
  • Food. Since there are many great places in Venezuela, you won’t spend too much on food since you can visit local cafes instead of fancy restaurants and spend around $420.
  • Entertainment. Going to the cinema or other place where you can spend time having fun will cost around $450 for two people. 

To sum up, the average Venezuelan bride price will be around $3,000–$6,000. Nevertheless, it can be lower or higher in your case because these numbers mainly depend on your preferences and budget. 

hot venezuelan woman

Are Venezuelan mail order brides prices worth it?

Even if the final Venezuelan bride cost seems too high, it’s not as scary as it seems if we take a more detailed look at it. Usually, men require around 6 months to meet their Venezuelan women and understand that they’re ready to meet them. So, if we divide the mentioned number into 6, we’ll see that the average pay per month is around $500–$1,000. This doesn’t seem as high anymore, does it? 

Besides, if you meet your girl in real life and regularly ask her on dates, you’ll pay much more money eventually. And when you date a girl offline, you can’t be totally sure that she matches your preferences and shares the same goals, and even if it seems that she does, she might change her mind. 

However, when it comes to mail order brides, they are sure about their intentions and want to meet men who aim to achieve the same things. So, whatever the Venezuelan bride price will be in your case, you’ll never regret paying it as soon as your soulmate says, “I love you.”


As you can see, Venezuelan brides prices aren’t as high as they might seem, and it’s affordable for any Western man to find a foreign woman with whom he can be happy and feel loved and cared for. Your Venezuela girl will meet your expectations and preferences and be the woman of dreams who will always support you in any situation. So, do your future self a favor and register on a mail order brides website today!

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