Devin Schirm

Devin Schirm

Meet Devin Schirm — A Relationship Coach And Elite-Brides Writer

Now in his early thirties, confident around women, and with a positive mindset, Devin Schirm hasn’t always been like that. His young age did not bring him a lot of romantic conquests or good memories, as he’s always been riddled with anxiety and too self-conscious to successfully date women. He changed his style, approach, and even look several times, but the results weren’t much better.
This is where Devin felt it was time for a complete overhaul of his dating strategy. He began studying the psychology of romantic relationships and seeing what can be improved. After designing a new approach, he first tested it out on himself, and the outcome was better than he could ever hope for. Then he felt like his ideas can benefit not just him and his personal life, but also other people struggling with their personal life. This is how Devin’s coaching career started.

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Romantic coaching and consultations

A lot of our readers will be surprised to learn that Devin started out as a relationship coach whose clients were 95% female. This was because Devin, being an actively dating man himself, knew exactly how things worked, what men wanted from a romantic relationship, and why things may not work out from the man’s perspective. The result was dozens of satisfied female clients who finally got some guidance and achieved a positive change in their love life.

But then Devin came to the realization that many of the issues and obstacles women face while dating are very similar to men’s because, at the end of the day, we are all humans with our own dreams, aspirations, and flaws. Masculine and feminine energy turned out to be not that different after all, and together, they form a perfect harmony. At this point, Devin expanded his coaching practice to guys and started gaining recognition in the relationship training industry.

Right now, Devin’s coaching business couldn’t be more thriving. By finding a universal approach that worked both for men and women, Devin bridged the gap between sexes and made it easier for the two parties to understand each other. A lot of clients discover Devin Schirm with the help of word-of-mouth marketing, as the number of his happy clients continues to grow every year.

Devin Schirm

But many first-time clients actually get to know Devin from his social media — specifically, his Instagram and Facebook accounts. There he shares his insights, writes about his personal experiences, and actively engages with his followers — for example, by answering their questions or even analyzing their relationship situations. If you are ready to turn your life around and get coaching from one of the industry leaders, you can book a one-on-one consultation with Devin and get all of your questions answered.

Devin’s contribution to EliteBrides

When we got Devin on board as a writer and relationship expert, we couldn’t be happier. After all, who is a better person to guide our readers and help them find a soulmate than someone who is doing it day in and day out for a living? International dating happens to be one of Devin’s main professional interests, so he is as knowledgeable about this topic as he is about feminine and masculine energy in a relationship.

Most of the articles and other content you will see on our site has been written by Devin personally or in collaboration with our in-house writers. Devin’s level of expertise helps him confidently give dating tips, offer a personal input, and help our readers go from being single to being in a healthy, committed relationship with a foreign lady. Devin firmly believes that long distances, language barriers, or cultural differences should not be a stumbling block in romance, and we couldn’t agree more.

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