How To Master Online Dating And Land Yourself Your Dream Woman
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How To Master Online Dating And Land Yourself Your Dream Woman

Online dating needs no introduction and you have probably tried it at least once in your life. But if you’re now looking for online dating tips, things likely didn’t work out for you. There can be a variety of reasons why your online dating experience didn’t go as planned, but there are also plenty of ways to ensure a better experience the next time you try it. Here is how to succeed at online dating.

1. Know what you want to achieve and who you want to find

Determining your goals and preferences is one of the key dating tips for men who want to be successful with women. That way, you will save yourself the trouble of looking through thousands of profiles and will be able to focus on the ones who fit your requirements. You will also avoid wasting anyone’s time. Of course, we don’t mean that you need to create a literal list of features you want to see in your potential partner or open up conversations by saying you want to get married right away, but a little clarity definitely doesn’t hurt, and it’s good for both parties.

2. Choose the right dating site to join

There are now more dating sites than you can imagine, but not all of them are equally good at getting you what you want. There are dating sites for online flirting, casual relationships, one-night-stands, serious dating, and marriage. First, determine your ultimate goal, and then look for a dating site that fits your style. You can ask your friends for recommendations, listen to your own intuition, or check out some dating site reviews to find a service with the best combination of audience, features, prices, and safety features.

3. Create an honest and attractive profile

Your dating site profile is the best representation of your personality there can be, so you should spend extra time and effort on filling it out. It should give other members a clear idea about who you are and what you want, but it should also intrigue them a little and make them want to drop you a line. Different dating sites give you various opportunities for spicing up your profile, but at the very list, your profile should contain the following information:

  • Your location, age, and occupation. There is no need to get too specific and post your exact address or name of your workplace. However, information about your age, location, and profession definitely matter to women. If you live close enough, there isn’t a big age difference, and you’re an accomplished professional, your chances of meeting your soulmate skyrocket.
  • What you want to achieve with your personal life. Whatever you are into, make it obvious in your profile. For example, even if you joined a specialized dating site where people look for potential spouses, you should still mention that you want to get married as soon as possible to save your matches the hassle of asking you about your plans directly.
  • Your interests, hobbies, and beliefs. When a woman discovers that you and her like to do the same things in your spare time, love the same genre of music, or read the same authors, it’s going to create an instant connection between you and her. If you practice a certain religion and it truly matters to you, mention that in your profile as well.
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4. Pay special attention to the photos

Your profile photos are the first thing a woman sees besides your name, and you want them to make the right impression. Here are a few ways to make your profile photos work in your favor:

  • Post more than one photo. Ideally, you should post several photos: portraits, full body shots, location pics, etc. The minimum number of photos in your dating profile is 3 and adding over 10 pics is definitely an overkill.
  • Let your photos be true-to-life. You can be tempted to give your photos a quick edit to make them more appealing, but they still need to reflect the true state of things. Your pics should also be no more than 3 years old.
  • Angles really matter. Men are prone to posting selfies shot from a lower angle, but it’s hard to get a flattering photo in this position. Even if you are taking a selfie, look for an angle that showcases your strength.
  • Group photos are acceptable on one condition. One of the common online dating tips for success is to never post group photos, but they can work well on one condition: it should be easy to tell which person in the photograph is you.
  • Don’t try to show off in your photos. When you want your potential matches to get the best idea about you, you may want to photograph yourself next to your car, house, or boat. However, showing off doesn’t work in your favor, unless you are looking for a shallow and materialistic woman.

5. Ask someone to check out your profile

We have no problem judging our friends, but it can be hard to be objective towards yourself. After your dating site profile is finished, ask one of your friends to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. They will tell you what kind of impression your profile makes, whether it’s true to your personality, and what can be potentially changed to make it more appealing.

6. Don’t send generic first messages

Beautiful women on dating sites get a lot of attention from men, so your generic first message can be simply lost in her inbox. On the other hand, cheesy pick-up lines can also ruin your chances with the women. The best way to stand out and make the lady read your message is to use the information you saw in her profile: for example, her interests or her bio.

7. Don’t fall for obvious scams

How to master online dating and stay safe in the process? Research the most common dating site scams and watch out for red flags! Here are the three most popular dating site scams.

  • The woman is already in love with you. It’s only been a few days since you’ve met online, but the woman is already deeply in love with you. After a while, she will start asking you for money or favors, so before that happens, cut the ties altogether.
  • Something bad happens to her every day. A woman is less quick to tell you that she loves you, but she has a bad thing happen to her every other day. Health problems, robberies, debts, and tuition fees are just some of the ways scammers will try to take advantage of you.
  • She is constantly putting off the real-life meeting. You’re communicating online and it’s going well, but every time you suggest meeting in real life, she finds another excuse. There is a big possibility that it’s actually a catfish instead of a real woman. Plus, it’s simply a waste of your time.

8. Don’t stay in the online realm for too long

We’ve given you a lot of valuable tips on how to online date, but one of the most vital tips doesn’t concern online relationships. When you have a clearly defined goal and you’ve met a woman with the aspirations, there is no point in talking online for months or years. Meet in real life, see if your connection translates well to the offline world, and see where things go from there.

To sum up

Online dating can be a great way to find your ideal partner, but only if you take a serious approach to it and listen to the experts. If you want to achieve success as quickly as possible, we have all the resources you need right here on our site. Find mail order brides, dating tips, and guides to different types of women and build your winning online dating strategy!

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