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How Much Is Polish Bride — All About The Cost

If you want to date a foreign woman from Poland, you need to know how much money you will spend. Fortunately, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on communication since the prices of Polish mail order brides are relatively low. If you are looking for Polish brides for sale, you will find a lot of helpful information in this article. Online dating is more affordable than you may think!

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How can you find a Polish bride?

Before we start talking about how much a woman from Poland is, it is essential to mention a few words about how to find Polish brides. Right now, you have two options: real-life dating and online dating.

Real life dating

Poland is a decent country to look for a girlfriend or wife in real life. Although it may not be as easy as you think, the fact that a lot of girls know English and are rather open for communication with foreigners, it won’t be challenging to find a date in that country. However, it is costly to seek a bride in Poland, despite the fact that it is a relatively cheap country. You will have to spend 10 times more on real-life dates than you can on online communication.

Online dating

Finding a bride from Poland online is simple and convenient. While there won’t be tens of thousands of Polish girlfriends on dating sites, you can expect to find at least a few hundred on most platforms. The best thing about online dating is how affordable it is. You can spend a very small amount of money and have the best time of your life with real and legit Polish mail order brides! So, the most effective way to find a date from Poland is on mail order bride sites! Now, if you want to know exactly why, let’s take a look at the prices of Polish mail order brides!

Polish bride price — what do you pay for?

Polish bride price

Using an online dating platform is usually affordable. But you still need to pay, which is why a lot of guys wonder what you are paying for when dating Polish singles. Using the mail order bride services is beneficial from the financial point of view in the first place. And here is what you pay for on such sites:

  1. Communication. Depending on the site you are using, you can spend around $30-50 per month on communication alone. While the number can be much higher, on average, you don’t need to spend more to find a girlfriend. Of course, if you want to know everything about your bride, you can spend hundreds of dollars. But $50 per month would be enough.
  2. Flowers and gifts. If you have serious intentions and want to make a good impression on your date, you need to show that you are a romantic guy. And the best way to achieve that is through gifts and flowers. Some sites have only virtual presents, while others can help you deliver fresh flowers to your bride directly. It depends on how much you want to spend on flowers and gifts, but on average, a typical guy spends around $70 a month on gifts and flowers.
  3. Advanced options. Video and audio communication, access to private photos and videos, highlighting profiles, and other options can be available on the site. It is not necessary to use them, but your online dating experience will definitely improve.

It is important to note that different dating sites have different payment systems. For instance, a lot of sites use credits to pay for all features. You purchase a set of credits that you can spend however you want. These tokens can be spent however and whenever you want. For example, you purchase 100 tokens. 5 minutes of chatting with a Polish bride costs 1 token. You spend 50 tokens this month and decide to spend the rest of it next month. So, that user won’t need to pay anything next month. The benefit of such a system is that you can control your expenses and use features that you want to use. The disadvantage is that you can spend a lot of money. On average, sites with credits are more expensive and cost around $40-80 per month.

Some sites use a monthly subscription system. Instead of buying credits, you make a single purchase that contains everything you need. You get unlimited access to all tools for a single month. The benefit of such a system is that you don’t need to think about money and how much time you have left with your date. The disadvantage is that each month you need to pay a certain amount of money. So how much is Polish bride in this case? On average, sites with memberships are less expensive and cost around $10-40 per month.

How to save money while getting a Polish bride?

If your budget is not that big, don’t worry. Online dating is the perfect thing to choose since it can help you have a great online dating experience and not spend a lot of money. Here are a few things you can choose from to save you money:

  • Don’t buy large packages or credits or full-year memberships. Start small and don’t buy the most expensive option on the site. If you are using a credit-based site, buy a few credits to understand whether it will suit you or not. And 1 month of premium membership would be enough to understand the pros and cons of online dating and the site per se.
  • Don’t send money to your brides. Usually, anything that you send directly to your bride doesn’t count into the Polish bride price. Moreover, it is usually forbidden for brides to ask for money.

Saving money online is possible. Some sites can offer you a premium membership for just $5, and you could easily look for brides, chat with beautiful and legit girls, and spend only $5 per month.

Why is online dating better than real-life dating?

Online dating is better because it can save you a lot of time and money. It is more affordable to date a woman online than to seek her in real life. Polish brides for sale can cost you around $100 per month, but in real life, you would need to spend 10 times more just to find a decent date. Also, it is easier to use an online dating platform where hundreds of Polish brides are looking for serious relationships with foreigners. Real-life dating is better only because you can have more intimate and personalized dates with girls.


Now you know the prices of Polish mail order brides. As you may see, if you are interested in Polish brides, finding one online is easy and affordable. The last thing that we want to tell you is to research sites that you want to use. There are a lot of scammers online and plenty of fake dating sites. You can lose your money and get nothing in return.

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