How Much Can Your Russian Mail Order Bride Cost You?
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How Much Can Your Russian Mail Order Bride Cost You?

Finding a bride can come with a cost, especially when you are looking for a woman from another culture. Most dating websites offer you to purchase a subscription so you can fully use the platform’s services. The costs may vary from one venue to another. Depending on the prestige level of the organization you may be asked to invest more than usual.

According to the most popular dating venues, that host Russian mail order brides, your love journey may cost you from $300 to $500 per year. Besides, those sites have different approaches towards the payment and subscription plans. Some have permanent membership deals, others work with a credit system. With permanent membership you pay once and use the services as much as you want. Credits can be trickier, you purchase them and then use to pay for the tools. So if you are a constant, heavy user, and want to spend as much time on the platform as possible, credit system ones may cost you more.

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What factors can challenge your perfect relationship

Apart from some platforms being a little expensive, there are some extra facts you have to know before digging into Russian brides! There are some vital differences between Western and European cultures; however, they are not as significant as it might seem at first. Some specific points can play a drastic role in your relationship with a Slavic mail order bride.

Family dependence

She can be too invested in her already existing family and close friends. Your future Russian wife might not want to leave her home because of the people who will stay behind. She will consider moving to another country as a huge step in her personal relationships. She also might want to take them with her!

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Career dependence

Russian bride may be dependent on her job that she worked so hard for. A lot of modern girls build their careers and open their own businesses. Such young business ladies can also have troubles with moving somewhere else. She will have to think about it for some time and maybe even look for some ways to take her business with her, if that is possible.

You might have a language barrier

Some platforms offer translation services on the site, so you use them to easily communicate with your crush. But then when you go out and meet in the real world, there can be some difficulties. There are still some Russian brides who have minimum to none English skills.

Your mentality is too different

Mutual understanding and support is incredibly important in a happy relationship. Moreover, it is a game changer when partners have different world views. Two people can have incredible chemistry and love going on. But if you are looking for a long term commitment, you have to consider being on the same wavelength. Otherwise, you will start arguing over the smallest things and break up as a result.


How much does a Russian mail order brides cost?

The final price comes down to the prices for the services on the dating site you use and their amount. Each platform has its prices, so it’s hard to name a specific number. Besides, there are platforms that operate via different systems, like credits, paid subscriptions, or on the basis of advertisement. The average sum a man spends on a Russian mail order bride dating site is around $30–$150 per month.

Is paying the Russian bride cost worth it?

If you want a caring, gorgeous, and affectionate woman who will light up your mood every day and make your heart beat faster—she’s worth every cent you spend. It’s like an investment because buying a Russian bride is a forward-looking decision that will positively affect your life both now and in the future.

What is Russian mail order brides cost for bringing a woman to your country?

This usually implies dealing with all the bureaucracy processes, like visas, permissions, and other regulations. You’d want to make sure you have all the necessary documents and officially get married. So, mind the costs you’ll need to pay for the wedding and all the related activities. Also, consider the price for tickets because Russia is quite far away.

Does Russian bride cost mean price for buying a woman?

This term is used to describe the process of paying mail order bride agencies for their services. You can’t actually buy a bride like something in the shop because it’s illegal. However, what’s definitely legal is using specialized websites that help you find Russian women who match your preferences and dream about meeting their soulmates.

Does marriage affect Russian mail order brides cost?

Yes, usually, the Russian bride cost is significantly affected by marriage. Count yourself: wedding ceremony, restaurant, guests, decorations, and other stuff. Of course, the price depends on your and your lover’s preferences, but still, marriage has its impact.

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