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Get To Know About Chinese Mail Order Bride Prices

Chinese singles are wonderful females with amazing characteristics and charismatic aura to make you fall in love with them instantly. These ladies are pretty, cute, fantastic in bed, and loyal towards their husbands. They aspire to marry an American man rather than falling for a Chinese male.

When you’ve to date a Chinese bride online, the most confusing question pops up is which Chinese brides agency you should be trying. One of the most crucial things you’ll look into in this case would be the pricing of the network. There are multiple platforms available online to find brides from this country. Are all the networks good enough? What’s the pricing aspect of each of these sites? Let’s find out!

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What’s The Average Chinese Mail Order Bride Pricing?

There are multiple factors that influence the average cost of Chinese mail order bride. It depends on the man because some prefer using communication tools and advancing their communication with girls via websites, while others go to China to meet their brides. Each case is individual, but what can be said for sure is that the Chinese mail order bride cost is several times lower than real-life dating. Take a look at the following points to see which of them affects the final price.

What are the different types of pricing plans available?

If you’re looking for Chinese women to marry, you’re likely to find websites which will ask you to take their membership. If you wish to utilize all the services by the network, this would be a great option. This stands true for almost all reliable and authentic dating platforms across the internet.

You can’t really find qualitative and valuable services without any pricing. There are so many networks available for marrying Chinese brides, and all these platforms have their own rules and pricing policies.

The main categories of pricing plans

Almost all the networks available will have a signing up procedure which will be absolutely free. You can create an account on a Chinese mail order brides agency online and check out the interface, usability, features available, and more. There are a few free facilities too available on some websites.

chinese ladies for marriage

Next comes the part wherein you’ve to make payment and go for a suitable membership plan as per your choices. Now, there are two main types of pricing features available on the majority of the networks. These are:

  1. Monthly/ Annual pricing: In this category, the Chinese mail order bride prices are as per the entire network’s usability. So, you’ll be opting for a suitable plan, and you’ll get access to all the services of the particular network. Be it the communication facilities or something else. Generally, the plans with more number of months included or the annual ones, cost less.
  2. Credit-based pricing: This is also a popular category when it comes to Chinese mail order bride sites. In this particular type, you’re supposed to pay only for the services you seek from the network. So, you purchase credits on the platform and utilize these credits to access features like messaging, video calling, sending gifts, etc.

Both the plans are offered by reliable Chinese dating sites online. Explore a little and choose the one that meets your needs perfectly. Don’t forget to check out the other factors, too, rather than just comparing the pricing of the different networks.

International dating platforms

It’s clear that you get what you pay for, so high-quality services can’t be too cheap, but the price has to be reasonable. There are different dating websites with prices ranging from around $30 to $100+ per month. These numbers greatly rely on the number of services you use to chat with cheap Chinese mail order brides.

Some men prefer to spend a long time communicating online, while others are ready to meet their Chinese mail order brides within a couple of months of communicating. However, online dates don’t require you to pay for a lot of things, like meals, movie tickets, or flowers. Usually, you buy credit packs, the price for which depends on its size.


In general, the most optimal option for the two-way tickets will be around $2,300–$2,700 on average, but it highly depends on the dates and the city you’re flying to. The mentioned price goes for the economy class, but if you prefer business class, this will be several times higher, starting from $5,000. Nevertheless, you or the manager from the dating agency can monitor them and buy for a several times lower price.

Romance tour

Want to go on a trip you’ll remember for your whole life? Consider taking a romance tour. In this way, you won’t have to take care of all the activities related to the trips, like planning everything or constantly monitoring the prices. This option is also influenced by other factors, like in-house travel, visits to the cafés, and translator’s services. On average, men pay $3,000–$4,000 for a romance tour, so this option will considerably impact your China mail order bride cost.

Accommodations and visa

You need to decide how important it is for you to live in an expensive room or whether you can live in an average hotel, but for a lower price. On average, a hotel room costs around $450 for 14 days. However, you can rent a more expensive one because everything comes down to your preferences, and it will impact the prices of Chinese mail order brides. Also, small businesses that are owned by locals make you feel closer to the Chinese culture.

Speaking of the visa, the best option, in this case, is to get a fiancé visa, or K-1. Its average price is $1,700, but there are several additional fees, so the final costs might significantly differ from the mentioned ones. For example, there are travel costs, medical exams, and other activities, like monitoring tickets, which differ from time to time and affect the planned budget.

Final price

As you can see, it’s hard to come up with a certain average cost of Chinese mail order bride. However, taking up all the mentioned factors, the cheap Chinese mail order brides price is around $6,000 on average. Taking into account modern technologies, meeting Chinese girls online is a widespread practice because it prevents many people from having stress and provides users with a practically unlimited number of ladies’ profiles.


Be wise and look into the details about Chinese mail order bride prices properly before making the final choice for any Chinese dating network. Compare the costs and structure followed on the various networks and make a wise decision. Get started with dating these gorgeous mail order brides now!


Is there a certain Chinese mail order bride cost?

There are various factors that influence the final price because you might use more or fewer services, go on offline dates, or take a romance tour. Your intentions are the primary factors affecting the price, so you will see how much you need to pay only after deciding what you want and which tools and services you need.

Are the prices of Chinese mail order brides higher than real-life dating?

Usually, online dating is several times more affordable and less time-consuming compared to real-life dating. You don’t have to go on dates that often, which implies it’s unnecessary to buy gifts and flowers. Buying a Chinese mail order bride is a long-term investment that brings a bunch of benefits and makes you the happiest man.

Is it worth spending money on buying a Chinese mail order bride?

It’s rather complicated to find a girl that will perfectly match your requirements, both regarding her appearance and personality. However, online dating makes it possible because you can use filters, selecting the required features of your Chinese mail order bride. In this way, you save a lot of time and money you would have spent when searching for a girl in real life.

How does marriage affect the price?

In general, men bring their Chinese mail order brides to the US and get married in their homeland. This affects the price because there are additional expenses, namely visas, tickets, and accommodations. Thus, the initial price might be significantly affected by marriage, but it brings your relationships to another level.

Are expensive gifts included in the China mail order bride cost?

No, they’re not because you’re the one to decide whether you want to give certain presents to your Chinese mail order bride. Besides, love and relationships aren’t about expensive gifts because the price tag can’t affect two people’s genuine feelings and emotions.

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