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If you enjoy oriental beauty and want your wife to also be loyal and focused on family values, you can’t go wrong with Asian women. And when you want to buy a bride, Thailand should be your number one destination. Find out how mail order brides work and what you’ll love the most about Thai women for marriage from our guide!

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Are there actually any Thai brides for sale?

Thai woman looking for men

”Thai wife for sale” is a popular expression, but it has very little to do with reality. The truth is that there are lots of Thai girls who want to marry foreigners and move with them to a different country. They are colloquially known as mail order brides, but there isn’t a legal way to actually buy a Thai woman who will then marry you. When you are looking for Thai wife, your best option is to meet Thai brides online and then develop your relationship just like you would do in real life.

Why do men want a Thai lady for marriage?

Finding a wife in Thailand isn’t very difficult, but you still need to work harder than you would when dating local girls. That is why you need to be very motivated, and these three facts about Thai ladies are a great place to start.

Thai brides are very good-looking

In the eyes of millions of foreign men, Thai women embody Asian beauty. Their tanned skin, sleek black hair, and petite but feminine bodies are their own standard of beauty. Thai girls are also known for looking exactly the same for decades, so the face and body you see when your bride is 25 is the same face and body you’ll see when she’s older.

Thai women are easy to please

Thai brides are famously easy to date. They don’t have any outlandish expectations and requirements for their partners. All they want is a healthy, loving relationship where both parties respect and support each other. So as long as you are nice to your bride, she will let you have the best relationship of your life.

Thai brides will never make you question their loyalty

When a Thai woman begins dating someone, let alone marries him, she makes a lifelong commitment to be with that person. The thought of being romantically interested in another man will never cross her mind. You can look forward to decades of absolute loyalty when you marry a Thai woman.

Common myths about Thai brides

The irresistible appeal of Thai women for marriage made them famous all over the world, but this kind of popularity comes with its drawbacks. For example, Thai brides are surrounded by a few persistent stereotypes, but here is why they are not true at all.

  • You have to be rich to get a Thai bride. Like Japanese mail order brides, Thai brides are actually self-sufficient. They are usually eager to work and to make a contribution to the family budget instead of relying on the man to be the sole provider for the household.
  • A Thai wife for sale is only after your citizenship. In reality, most Thai brides for sale are pretty happy with the life they have in their own country. The only thing that can compel them to move to a different country is true love for a foreign man, not a desire to get citizenship in a Western country.
  • Thai brides will eventually move their whole family to their new home. It’s true that Thai brides are very close to their families. When a Thai woman moves abroad for marriage, she misses her parents and talks to them every day. However, she also realizes that she has a new family and new life now, so she won’t insist on moving her whole family with you.

Dating Thai brides: 5 tips to use as guidance

Thai girl for marriage

After you’ve met a Thai lady for marriage both of you will need to spend some time getting to know each other before you can tie the knot. When getting ready to date a Thai woman, keep these 5 things in mind.

  • Be upfront about your intentions. In order to fully trust you, a Thai woman needs to know that it’s not just a fling for you and that you actually have serious intentions. Talk about your idea of the future and make sure it matches hers.
  • Don’t be surprised when she brings her friends to the date. Dating foreign guys is still a novelty for Thai girls, and they may not have the confidence to face you alone on your first date. She may invite her friends to accompany her, but once they see you are a decent individual, they will give you two some space.
  • The man always pays for dinner and drinks. In Thailand dating culture, the woman never opens her wallet when dating a man. You will need to pay for dinner, drinks, taxi rides, admission tickets, snacks, and everything you may require for a memorable date.
  • Try to meet your Thai bride in an informal setting. After you’ve had your first few dates in restaurants and bars, you should really try to arrange a date at home or outdoors. Thai brides truly shine in an informal setting, and you will see a completely different side of theirs.
  • Watch your language and humor. Many Thai women have a decent grasp of English, but they may not be as familiar with Western humor as you are. Thai ladies don’t usually understand sarcasm or deadpan humor, and they certainly won’t be amused when you use rude language.

To sum up

If you love Asian women but you find Chinese brides too career-oriented and don’t like the fact that they rarely want a lot of children, a Thai girl for marriage is your perfect option. Thai women have everything you want to see in your potential partner and, more importantly, they actually want to marry foreign men. So you won’t need to waste time on convincing a Thai bride to date you and will instead be able to focus on developing your new relationship into a beautiful romance.

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