Vietnamese Brides Cost: What Affects It?
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Vietnamese Brides Cost: What Affects It?

One of the most popular searches within the last couple of years includes the words “Vietnamese brides for sale.” And there are many reasons for that, starting from the ones that mention the unbelievable beauty of local ladies and their amazing personality traits. These ladies know what they want to achieve in life, and this confidence attracts men. However, many Western guys wonder whether it’s possible to buy a Vietnamese bride and how to do this correctly. That’s what we’ll explain in this guide, so keep reading.

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What are the options with a reasonable Vietnam bride price? 

Since Vietnamese mail order brides are among the most sought-after ladies in the world, there are many options for meeting them. However, the most popular ones are offline and online. 

When it comes to meeting Vietnamese girls offline, a man is expected to go to the country and stay there for a certain period. Usually, guys travel to Vietnam for 2 weeks, but everything depends on your personal preferences. This option has its advantages, and one of the most important ones is that you can meet a woman in real life and be sure that her photos match the reality and her appearance matches your expectations. Also, this alternative gives excellent opportunities to communicate with your lady and get to know her better, understanding whether she has the same plans as you do and if your intentions correspond. 

Nevertheless, a Vietnamese brides cost is relatively high because many factors influence it. For example, you need to purchase tickets, book a hotel, and be ready to go out every day to have the opportunity to meet more women. Also, it requires time because traveling abroad isn’t an easy task. Offline communication is now considered less effective when it comes to finding a soulmate because you can’t be sure that your trip will bring the desired results. Also, you’ll pay a high Vietnamese mail order brides cost, and the outcome can’t be predicted. 

As for the opportunity to find Vietnamese singles online, let’s take a closer look at it in the following paragraph.

Vietnamese brides for sale: why is online a go-to choice?

Western guys who want to buy a Vietnamese bride note that using specialized mail order brides websites is a game changer. They say that such platforms are several times more effective than offline communication and provide better opportunities for finding the woman of your dreams. 

Just imagine that: you can select the preferences regarding your soulmate, chat with breathtaking ladies without having to leave your house, and pay a reasonable Vietnamese brides sale price, which is usually lower than offline dating. Sounds attractive, right? 

vietnamese woman

And what if we tell you that there are thousands of profiles of Vietnamese brides online on these websites? That’s mind-blowing because communication with foreign ladies has never been more accessible. You can use your laptop or mobile phone to stay in touch with local brides, and don’t be afraid that the Vietnamese mail order brides cost will be above your pay grade. 

How to buy a wife from Vietnam?

You don’t have to be a dating expert to understand how to use dating websites and get a Vietnam bride price. All you have to do is choose a reliable mail order brides platform (to do so, check the reviews of other users and compare the prices of several websites), create your profile, and select your preferences. After that, you’ll be offered to choose from the profiles of Vietnamese girls who match your expectations and use communication tools to advance your relationships. 

The more reputable websites you choose, the more you’ll be asked to pay. However, high-quality services can’t be too cheap, so check the Vietnamese brides cost on similar platforms to make sure you don’t pay too much or too low. Also, the frequency of using communication tools affects the final Vietnam bride price, and some of them are more expensive than others, so keep this in mind too. 

Factors affecting the Vietnamese brides cost

Now that you know how to find Vietnamese brides, let’s see the Vietnamese mail order brides cost detailed breakdown. 

It’s hard to give a certain answer to the question “how much do Vietnamese mail order brides cost” because the price changes depending on various factors, from your preferences to the day you’re purchasing the tickets. Let’s see some of the most common elements and get approximate estimations:

hot bride from vietnam to buy

Website services

When using specialized mail order brides platforms, men usually pay around $200–$300 per month. The average period of using these websites until you decide to meet your Vietnamese bride in real life is around 6 months. So, the overall price for using dating websites is around $1,200–$1,800. 


This is a complicated factor because the prices for tickets change every day, so it’s hard to come up with a certain one. Besides, if you decide to purchase business class tickets, the price will be higher. On average, the two-way tickets to Vietnam are around $900.

Expenses in the girl’s country

Once you arrive in Vietnam, you’ll have to spend on several things right away. We took into account the most important factors, but they can include some other ones, like renting a car or having guided tours: 

  • Accommodation—$658
  • Food—$168
  • Transportation—$154
  • Entertainment for two people for 2 weeks—$336

The overall Vietnamese brides sale price in this block is around $1,316. However, consider that all the prices are mentioned for a two-week stay in the country because that’s the average period men usually spend there before making their final decision to marry a particular woman.  

Visa and other documents for your Vietnamese bride

Once you have decided to get married and are ready to move in together, you should prepare for some bureaucracy-related issues. Your Vietnamese bride will have to apply for a visa to be able to travel to the country without any problems. The average visa cost is around $600. After that, she’ll need to apply for other documents required by the state. 

The final Vietnamese brides cost is around $4,200–$5,200. 

However, you should understand that you can spend a higher or lower sum of money when you decide to buy a wife from Vietnam. Everything comes down to your preferences. For example, if you decide to have a big wedding, this will add around $10,000 to the final sum. In the same way, some men don’t have time to visit their brides’ country, so one might exclude the travel costs from the Vietnamese brides price list.    

To wrap up

As you can see, Vietnamese brides prices are more affordable when you consider using specialized mail order brides websites. Apart from offering lower prices, you can leverage various communication tools and make your relationships with Vietnamese women advance faster. So, take your chance to meet a lover online and create a profile on a reliable mail order brides platform.

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