An Overview Of Romanian Mail Order Bride Pricing
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An Overview Of Romanian Mail Order Bride Pricing

You know where you can find beautiful brides from Romania. Mail order bride networks offer the perfect platform where you can seek true love and make a gorgeous bride your wife. Meanwhile, do you know how much these ladies cost? One thing you can be sure of is, you won’t have to spend all your money on a Romanian mail order bride.

Mail order bride websites are great places to find a soulmate because they offer numerous options to choose from, and the chances of meeting a lover are rather high. Most of the websites use a credit-based system, meaning that you purchase a certain number of credits. The prices of Romanian mail order brides depend on the size of the credit pack. You choose the most convenient payment system and then use these credits for communication tools. Different services require a certain amount of credits, but you can also find websites where there are paid memberships, which also provide an extensive number of opportunities. So let’s take a look at some of the most significant elements that affect Romanian mail order bride pricing. Let’s explore in detail where your expenses might be.

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Different types of platforms

There are a couple of kinds of dating sites where you can find gorgeous brides from Romania. Both these platforms offer different packages and plans depending on what you prefer, and you can choose the ideal one. So, you’ll have to check out the reviews of these websites to know about the strategy the service provider follows.

Registration based sites

There are a few dating networks with some basic plans available at different rates and for a different duration. These platforms have registration fees which you’ll have to pay in the form of a monthly or quarterly or annual subscription. You’ll get access to all the basic and premium functionality of the site. So, you can utilize every communication tool and also surprise your love.

Credit based system

There are a few Romanian mail order bride sites offering this type of pricing plan. Credit-based packages are increasing in popularity as they provide the users the liberty to choose where they want to spend their money. This kind of system allows the participants to only purchase tokens for the services they want to avail of. So, if someone doesn’t want CamShare, there is no reason to pay for it. A lot of users consider this as a better option compared to a membership-based pricing system.

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International dating platforms

As mentioned earlier, most of the websites use credits, the prices for which start from around $20 for 50 credits. However, it relies greatly on the platform you’ve opted for. The tools you use and their amount also make their impact because sending an email costs fewer credits than, say, having a video call. Therefore, it’s up to you how high your Romanian mail order bride cost will turn out in the end.

Nevertheless, don’t opt for the cheapest sites because there is a risk of fraud. Look for reasonable prices and check other users’ reviews. Also, you can save money on avoiding costly services, like sending gifts, because it will be much better to give them to your Romanian mail order bride yourself. The monthly price for using such platforms is $20–$150 on average.


The prices of Romanian single women are significantly influenced by airline tickets. It’s no secret that any man who’s met his lover online wants to meet her in reality as soon as possible. In general, you will pay around $600–$700 for the two-way tickets, but the price might get higher or lower depending on the date and the class, like business or economy. Although it’s not mandatory to go to Romania to meet your bride, it’s still a great decision that will help you be confident in your choice.

Romance tour

This option is one of the most expensive things among other elements that affect Romania mail order bride cost. Nevertheless, you will enjoy an unforgettable trip and spend around two weeks with your lover, getting to know each other better. With such tours, you can accomplish two goals at once because you will see the breathtaking landscapes of Romania while enjoying the company of your gorgeous lover. Usually, a Romanian mail order bride cost that includes a romance tour is around $2,500–$4,000.

Accommodations and visa

The average price for a hotel room for two weeks in Romania is $420. You can choose cheaper or more expensive options depending on your preferences. Speaking of the other necessary expenditure, a visa, be ready to pay $160 for visa fees. In case you’ve already decided that your Romanian lover can come to the US, add around $265 to the average cost of Romanian mail order bride because you’ll be required to pay for a K-1 fiancé visa.

Are mail order brides expensive?

You’re crazy about pretty Romanian brides and it’s certain. If you’re wondering whether you’ll end up spending a fortune on them or not, there is nothing to worry about. Most of the websites these days offer affordable services. Also, the results you’ll get for your investment will be top-notch, and you won’t regret it even for a minute.

Yes, you’ll have to spend money to interact with a gorgeous woman from Romania, but considering what you’ll get in return over a period of time, this will be a very small investment.

Final price

As you can see, multiple factors are influencing the Romanian mail order bride pricing. Nevertheless, using online international marriage platforms is still several times cheaper compared to real-life dating. Usually, the average Romania mail order bride cost is around $4,500–$4,800.

Final verdict

Single Romanian brides won’t cost you a lot. The platforms offering matchmaking services with such ladies will mostly have affordable services, and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So, select the network of your preference and start dating today!


Is there a constant Romanian mail order bride pricing?

No, there isn’t, because many factors influence the cost. It depends on your preferences and goals because you might opt for more expensive flights or fewer communication tools.

Does Romanian mail order bride cost implies buying a woman?

The phenomenon of mail order brides has nothing to do with human trafficking. It’s a term used for describing the activities related to paying the specialized platform for using their services.

Are the prices of Romanian mail order brides lower than real-life dating?

Generally, Romania mail order bride cost is more affordable compared to real-life relationships. The thing is that you don’t have to go to restaurants or other places, saving significant amounts of money.

What website has the lowest average cost of Romanian mail order bride?

It’s hard to name one website because it all comes down to your goals. However, you should always check the platform’s reliability and compare its prices with others, not forgetting about reading the users’ reviews.

Is it worth buying cheap Romanian mail order brides?

In case you know what woman you’re looking for, international marriage websites can easily help you out in finding a perfect match. You’ll select the preferred criteria and communicate with ladies who share your goals, intentions, and values.

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